Changes in Policy for Entry Level Courses

Effective 9/1/04


The CSRP now will provide two entry-level referee courses.  These are:


Grade 8  (Entry Level Referee):  This is the course you are familiar with and has been the level at which all potential referees begin.  This is now changing.  Instead, this course will be the entry-level course for older teens and adults who want the ability to referee travel games immediately.  For younger teens, it will be the first level of upgrade after they have begun at Grade 9.


Grade 9 (Recreational Referee):  This is now the entry-level course for younger teens or anyone else who wants to start at this level.

A grade 9 referee is qualified to officiate:

·               11v11 and small-sided games, under-14 and below, in town (non-travel)

·                Assistant Referee all travel games, under-14 and below

The grade 9 referee may not referee a travel game in the middle under any circumstances.


Eligibility Requirements:

Grade 8:

The minimum age is fourteen, as defined by the following table


Course Starts

Age 14 reached by

November through April

April 30

May, September, October

Date of first class

June through August

August 31



Grade 9:

The minimum age is 12, following the same table as above.  The minimum age is reduced to 11 if an adult “buddy” takes the course with the child.  Maximum of two students per adult.

Other information:



Grade 9

Grade 8




Maximum class size



Minimum class size



Students from:

One town (see footnote)


Course length:

9 hours

17.5 hours


The grade 9 course teaches recreational rules.  The instructor will adjust the course to include these rules.  These are very “town-specific”.  For smaller clubs only, two towns may collaborate on a grade 9 course if the playing rules are similar.


Note:  Both minimum and maximum size has increased for grade 8.


Upgrade from grade 9 to grade 8:              information to follow