We had 71 games scheduled for the week, but only 0 games entered into the database.
That is only 0% of the games entered.
Please let all the coaches know to enter their games, we must have 100% participation.

Missing Games are:
U10BlueEast Lyme 3 v Salem 1
Griswold v Lyme-Old Lyme
Ledyard 2 v Waterford 2
Old Saybrook 2 v East Lyme 4
Stonington Como 2 v New London 1
U10RedColchester v East Lyme 1
East Lyme 2 v Old Saybrook 1
Groton 1 v Stonington Como 1
Montville v Westbrook
Waterford 1 v Ledyard 1
U10WhiteEast Lyme 5 v New London 2
Ledyard 3 v Salem 2
Norwich v NoSto
Stonington Como 3 v Old Saybrook 3
Waterford 3 v Groton 2
U12BlueEast Lyme 3 v Old Saybrook 2
Griswold 2 v Norwich 2
Ledyard 2 v Groton 2
Montville v Stonington 2
Waterford 2 v Lyme-Old Lyme
U12RedEast Lyme 2 v Waterford 1
Groton 1 v Ledyard 1
Norwich 1 v Griswold 1
Old Saybrook 1 v East Lyme 1
Stonington 1 v East Haddam
U12WhiteLedyard 3 v Waterford 3
Norwich United v Westbrook
NoSto v New London
Salem v East Lyme 4
U14Montville v East Lyme 2
New London v Ledyard 2
Norwich v Groton
Stonington 1 v Lyme-Old Lyme
Valley v Stonington 2
Waterford v East Lyme 1
U9East Haddam v Stonington Como
Griswold v Norwich United
Groton v Waterford
Montville v NoSto
Westbrook v Valley
U8Stonington v Salem
Waterford v Norwich
U10BlueEast Lyme 1 v Stonington 1
Lyme-Old Lyme v Valley
Old Saybrook v Ledyard 1
Waterford v Griswold
U10RedEast Lyme 2 v East Haddam
Ledyard 2 v Stonington 2
Montville v Salem
New London 2 v Groton
Westbrook v NoSto
U12BlueEast Lyme 1 v Groton 1
Ledyard 1 v Valley
Lyme-Old Lyme 1 v Stonington
Old Saybrook 1 v Westbrook 1
Waterford 1 v Griswold
U12RedEast Lyme 2 v Montville
Lyme-Old Lyme 2 v Westbrook 2
New London v Old Saybrook 2
Norwich v East Haddam
NoSto v Ledyard 2
Waterford 3 v Groton 2
U14East Lyme v Groton
Griswold v Old Saybrook
New London v Ledyard
Norwich v Lyme-Old Lyme
Stonington v Waterford
U9Colchester v Griswold
Old Saybrook v NoSto
Waterford 1 v Westbrook
Waterford 2 v Groton